Rot and draughts can be common problem with older windows. A leaky or damaged window not only looks unsightly but can also account for a great deal of heat loss in your home.

We offer a complete restoration service for sash windows.

Our craftsmen can restore your window to its former glory using our guaranteed renovation process.

  1. Sashes removed from box
  2. Rotten area removed and filled with high performance epoxy or wooden patches
  3. Sashes are fitted with weather strips
  4. Box/sashes sanded down
  5. Window is finished in a multi layer process of primer/undercoats and top coat paints
  6. New hardware fitted (pulleys, catches, vent locks, cord)
  7. Sashes weighed and balanced with make weights if necessary
  8. New weather proof beading installed
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Sample of our available hardware, Ventlock restrictors allow window to be securly left open for ventilation.

Ironmongery sample